Best shower door cleaner & update on other cleaners

Best shower door cleaner & update on other cleaners

shower cleaner


I absolutely hate my glass shower doors!  The Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner did aid in helping them stay cleaner longer.  However crazy Abe likes to drink water in the shower so I can’t use it anymore.  Even using it though they were still a pain to clean.  The Norwex cleaning cloth is great but still requires a lot of scrubbing to get them clean.

I was already using the Blessings in a Bottle cleaner, which is the same mixture in a spray bottle, for spraying down the bathtub and doors but still had to scrub them down.  So what makes this even better is the scrub brush does the work on the shower doors and walls … it takes no time in getting them clean with this solution.  I also know this is safer for Abe if not completely rinsed too. Great Pin!!

Shower Cleaner

1/2 Vinegar

1/2 Dawn (mine is the non-concentrated) 

Fill a scrub brush you normally wash dishes with the mixture.  

(The scrub brush was $3.25 at my Family Dollar.  The refills will also be $3.25 for two refills when needed.  Check dollar store to see if they have them.)

The first time you use it be sure to hold it up so the mixture doesn’t pour out.  If mixture gets too thick after a few uses just add more vinegar or water.

Thanks to the blogger for her tip:

KEEP IT IN THE SHOWER WITH YOU so you can do a quick clean each shower.   If not doing after shower then try my tip …  before cleaning bathroom run the hot water in the shower for a few minutes.  It really makes a difference on grime wiping off easier.   

It is amazing how much money we have saved since I started my Pinterest journey just on cleaning products.  With us using the Blessings in a Bottle, Cure for All (will post soon!) , my homemade Dawn pump,  my homemade laundry soap, and Norwex cleaning, dish scrub, and glass cloths we have saved hundreds of dollars since October.   I really don’t see me going back to store bought cleaners even if dirt cheap with coupons.  I know I will never buy glass cleaner again as long as I have my Norwex glass cloth.   This also isn’t just about saving money but that they work without us and Abe being exposed to all the chemicals in store bought products.  It is also saving the environment with us not buying more plastic containers of products. I do have a few more cleaning/laundry products that I am trying to find an alternative too and will post on those when found.  But the following pins are products that I continue to use daily in our home since October ….

Blessings in a Bottle:  (LOVE LOVE LOVE this cleaner!! HUGE SAVINGS!)

Homemade Dawn Foam Soap (make a new batch every few weeks, big savings!!)

Laundry Soap  (made 10/3/12,  still have a Purex bottle and a half left and even gave away a lot.  BIGGEST SAVINGS!)

Norwex:  (need to update on the other cloths I can’t live without from them now! They may seem pricey but so worth it.  For example:  the glass cloth you’ll never purchase window cleaner again so that is a big savings!)


Oh big day for ME …. I started my journey today of the first step in preparing for the Color Run 5K. The daughter politely reminded me today that I best get to running;  I am doing it with her and her friends. (gotta love a child who can be honest with you!)  

I am doing a couch to 5K in 8 weeks on my Iphone.   I loved the quote on it …. The longest journey starts with the first step by a brave person.  So true … One step at a time and I will get there!!  I never dreamed that I could hike 12.8 miles in the Grand Canyon and I did that!   So I just have to ♥STAY THE COURSE♥  … our C♥ family motto♥


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