5K Runner app & $1 workout jar

5K Runner app & $1 workout jar

#168 5K Runner App for Iphone


I am using the 5K Runner app to prepare for the Color Run.  I have now completed my second week of the eight week program. (YEH ME!)  I started the first week with the free version but updated to the $2.99 version at the start of the second.  I can listen to the app with any of my music programs while using the premium version. (love my Pandora!)  I love that feature!

I also like being able to put it on Facebook too.  I chuckled the other day seeing an E card that said people can go to the gym without telling Facebook.  The biggest reason I am posting it is to show people if I can go from ZERO exercise to running a 5K so can they!  I also love hearing from other runners when they see my posts.  I will also admit when I’d see our daughter post her runs, I was very envious.  It was a huge motivator for me seeing that she was doing it.  So for those of  you that it drives nuts that I post my workouts just hide me from your newsfeed, lol.

Remember it just takes that first step and it will get easier.  In two weeks I have went from my first day of .87 of a mile in 25 min at the easiest pace (including warm up and cool down) to 1.48 miles at a walking pace of 2.7 speed and running at a 4 speed on the treadmill. (Next week I will do an incline of 1 to be more like outdoors after reading a tip.)

The program is an 8 Week running program, from Zero to 5K workout

8 Weeks – 3 Times a Week –
35 Min a day – and you’ll do a 5K!

  • Alternating walks and runs, increasing in difficulty ( For example:  you will run 1 min and then walk 1.5 minutes and keep repeating for allotted time.  So out of the actual workout time its only 6-9 minutes of running the first two weeks.  The time of running will increase each week.  In 8 weeks you will be able to run 3.1 miles for a 5K!)
  • Audio coach telling you when to walk, run, warmup, and cooldown (this really helps me!)
  • Color coded workout tables that layout the workout plan
  • Works with the iPhone/iPod screen locked (dark)
  • Works with your iPhone/iPod music player
  • Works with any running GPS app (like Nike+ GPS)
  • Color coded screens (green = running, yellow = walking, etc)
  • Audio Coach can be voice, beeps, or both
  • You can start the program from the beginning, in the middle, or repeat workouts

Win / Achievement tracking (I love this part!!!)

  • tracks each workout and shows a history of your progress
  • lets you share your wins/achievements with your friends
  • shows the badges you have earned as you reached key milestones

It’s not intimidating at all using this program!!  In 6 more weeks I will  be able to run 3.1 miles!!  I will stay the course to get there!

This is the app I am using … 5K-runner

dollar jar

#169 $1 in a jar for each workout

I am also motivated by greed when I do things. I had seen the pin of adding a $1 to a jar each workout.  So I am doing that too.  That includes my 5K running days and the other days I just walk, garden, or do some other cross training activity.  When I reach $50 I will buy myself some new clothes.

Thanks to the site  for that tip: $1 in a jar

So glad I took my first step on this journey … now to stay the course!  I just want to say thank you again to our ♥daughter♥ for being my ♥inspiration♥!  I can’t wait to run the Color Run with her!  Her dad and I are more proud of her than she’ll ever know in so many ways!   Us four parents were truly blessed with getting her as a ♥daughter♥!  

Enjoy the weekend!!



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