How much of your calories do you drink daily?

How much of your calories do you drink daily?

I had an Aha moment.  Yes, I knew my soda/pop (depending where you live) had a lot of sugar.  However when you look at the grams you don’t really put it into perspective on the amount of teaspoons. (4 grams is equal to 1 teaspoon)

So after I drank my Mt. Dew the other day I decided to measure it out in teaspoons on how much sugar I actually drink a day.  I was blown away!  I used to drink three 24 oz. Mt. Dews a day until Oct when I got the infection. (Yes, I know that is horrible for so many reasons!)  So now it’s only one 12 oz a day which I just can’t give up.  HOWEVER I am now drinking two to three Dr. Peppers instead which is almost just as bad.

The 12 oz Mt. Dew bottle has 11 1/2 teaspoons of sugar!! YES FOR ONE BOTTLE!!  A 24 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper has 20 teaspoons of sugar!  Can you believe how much sugar I am drinking … at least 60 teaspoons of sugar a day!!!!!

mt dew

60 teaspoons


I would be so skinny if I didn’t drink all this sugar! So I am going to start mixing the Dr. Pepper 10 with the regular until I can drink it.   I refuse to drink diet of anything but will try the 10 calorie.  It doesn’t seem to have that “diet” taste.

Funny thing is I am not a big sweets eater … just like sugar in my pop. :))

I dare you to go measure out how much sugar you are drinking each day!!!


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