Baking Bacon and Chocolate Covered Bacon in Bacon Bouquet

Baking Bacon and Chocolate Covered Bacon in Bacon Bouquet

bacon boq

Baking Bacon … Chocolate Covered Bacon … and a Bacon Bouquet

That’s a lot of bacon for one blog post!! ūüôā

I wasn’t going to share the bacon bouquet we made but was told I should. ¬†I made it for our son for his birthday with no thought to my blog/journey. ¬†It tickled me though when he asked was it a Pinterest pin. ¬†It was something his dad and I came up with at the store.

The son loves bacon! ¬†So his dad and I were at Sam’s and saw a 3 lb package of bacon. ¬† We decided to give him some bacon. ¬†Then it blossomed from adding some chocolate covered bacon into a bacon bouquet of fruits and his favorite candy bars too. ¬† If you have never have tried chocolate covered bacon, you don’t know what you are missing! ¬†(I had tried it at a fair last summer.)

The one thing that was a pin was baking the bacon.  However I had already baked the bacon a few weeks ago but forgot to take pictures.  So we took a few pictures of the bacon for the pin.  Of course we had to take a pix of the bacon bouquet, who would make one and not photograph it?

 Baking Bacon is much easier and less messy!!!  

Thanks to the pin for the bacon tip!

(my bacon is on skewers for the chocolate covered bacon, not needed just for baking bacon!)

First of all don’t preheat oven! ¬†You want to place it in a cold oven when you begin to cook it. ¬† Line baking sheets with foil. ¬†(make sure the foil/pan has a lip so it doesn’t drip out of the pan onto the oven!) ¬†

Add bacon strips, giving a little room to each piece.  Put bacon into oven and then turn on oven at 400 degrees. Bake for about 18-20 minutes, turning after 10 minutes. (watch them very carefully!)  Take out of oven and lay slices onto a paper towel lined plates to cool.

on pan


on skewer

Chocolate Covered Bacon …. It is so easy and tasty! ¬†

I suggest putting them on bamboo skewers like we did. ¬†We didn’t presoak skewers but would the next time because it was a little charred. ¬†(soak skewers for 30 minutes before using like you would for the grill) ¬†You will want to go through the meat and not fat when sliding onto skewer.


Putting the chocolate on the cooled bacon was so simple.  Follow directions on the chocolate for melting.  Then take a pastry brush and PAINT the chocolate on the cooked bacon.  Let dry.  Enjoy!

I normally use Bakers Square melting chocolate cups but felt the Dolci was better for doing the bacon with its harder shell.

Our Bacon Bouquet … Hubby had gotten an EA (not a satisfied customer at the moment to give credit) and had kept the sticks and basket. ¬† So we did strawberries and pineapples in chocolate too. ¬†We added some of his favorite candy bars that I taped onto a stick. ¬†¬†I put lollipops at the bottom to fill in the holes. ¬†I then used lettuce for middle holes. ¬†I added birthday stickers to sides of basket. ¬†I added happy birthday and #28 stickers to the EA stick. ¬†We filled both sides with the fruit, regular bacon, and chocolate covered bacon. ¬†Hope he & our daughter in law enjoyed it and the rest of that 3 lbs of cooked bacon.

bacon boq


For the daughter’s birthday ….

The daughter got her own batch of Caramel Crispix and she was a happy camper on her birthday treat. ¬†This has been made at least ten times now since December for parties, gifts, and just for us. ¬†NOT ONE PERSON has said they didn’t LOVE it! ¬†Try it if you haven’t … it is so good esp with vanilla ice cream! (thanks to the daughter for sharing that tip!)


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