Updating old mirrors/frames

Updating old mirrors/frames



I have had this mirror for over fifteen years with it being under the bed for the last eight.  I had finally put it in a yard sale bin.  Then I saw different mirrors painted on Pinterest and decided to update it.  So even though it was windy I had to do this project yesterday.  I am really happy with the way it came out.   I haven’t hung it yet in the bedroom but will update pictures when I do so.


I took the mirror out before painting.  I was lucky it only took unscrewing three screws.

I used spray paint and really liked this brand with it’s coverage!  I got mine at Walmart,  it was around $5.67.  The second coating was done just a few minutes after the first so quick painting and drying time.



Julie tip:  I use seasonal plastic tablecloths in my kitchen.  So when I am done I like to cut them up for projects.  They are perfect for spraying painting because once done it goes to the garbage.   



The last picture is not showing the true blue of the frame, the one above shows its real color better.   I really like the color and will now hang the mirror again.

Easy update!


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