Saving more money using a Price Book

Saving more money using a Price Book


This pin is a ongoing work in process …. A price book. I do try to coupon but there are a lot of things we use that can’t be purchased with them. Even if I do have a coupon I want to know what is my best deal. So I have started a price book so I can see where items are the cheapest. We have Super Walmart, a local grocery, and soon will have Meijers for me to grocery shop.  I also shop Sam’s Club (abt every other month), Walgreens, CVS, and the Dollar Tree for items too.


my price bookI used a index card file binder that I have had in my filing cabinet for years. I just had to make mine cute with a UK fabric covering. It has an alphabetical file system.  I had some index cards with holes and the others I just punched the holes.    

So the goal is to add all the items I buy on a regular basis and their prices (regular and sale) at the different stores.  They are listed by item such as spaghetti sauce, soup, toilet paper, and etc. on top of card.  I will then list brand under item on card along with the store name and prices.  By the blog’s advice I am only trying to add so many products a week.  I will look up 3 items while at store. When I get home I add the items from my receipt too.  I will also add some while reviewing the sales papers.

It came in handy this week with vinegar. At Town & Country it is regular $1.99 for 128 oz. then when it goes on sale it is usually $1.69. This week they had a special for 99 cents. So I knew that was a great deal and to purchase one. That is an extra sixty nine cents savings.

Spaghetti sauce is another item. We love Prego spaghetti sauce. (The new Bacon Provolone is awesome!)  I have tried to save money by buying other sauces when on sale and when I have coupons. We notice the difference so that is one product we are brand snobs. T&C has it regular price of $2.19 and $1.89 on sale. Walmart’s everyday price is $1.89. So thats a thirty cent savings if not on sale.

Epsom salt … at Sam’s Club I get 10 POUNDS for $6.38 and a pound or two will cost you $3.  That is a huge savings since I go through at least 2-3 of those containers a year.

Those small savings add up when you think about the hundreds of items you purchase a year.  So grateful to the pin for the great idea!  Be sure to check out her blog for some great money saving ideas!



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