How to lace up running shoes

How to lace up running shoes

lace up


Guess who finished up her eight week 5K running program yesterday?  Me … I am so proud of myself!  (I never finish anything so that is a huge accomplishment that I completed it!!) I ran 3.1 miles! On March 12th, I started out at 1 minute runs.  8 weeks later …. Running 35 minutes at a time!  That is amazing! So recommend 5k runner:  0 to 5K run training app on Itunes. 
Nothing like accomplishing a goal!  I am going to take the money from my workout dollar jar to buy me running clothes.  I def need some breathable fabrics.  I am going shopping tomorrow to enjoy spending that bonus I earned. 🙂  Thanks again to our daughter for being my inspiration to start this journey and staying on it!  Love you ♥Liz♥!

Today’s pin is on how to lace up your running shoes. My heel was always slipping no matter how tight I tied them.  I came across this pin and her technique worked perfect!  They have several different ways to lace up to help with wide forefoot, narrow foot, heel slipping, shoes feeling too tight, and even black toe nails.  Great pin!
I am not even going to attempt to illustrate the technique that I used for heels slipping.  Her blog has detailed pictures for each issue.  Thanks so much to the blogger for her great tips!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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