Homemade Air Fresheners

Homemade Air Fresheners



I have a cat so I am always worrying about the smell in our home.  I was really excited to try these homemade gel air fresheners.  They took maybe five minutes to make and then overnight they gelled up.  I am really excited to see if the scents last.  I used orange essentials oils and they smell great!!  So far successful pin!  (Will update on their lasting power.)

This is another gift you could help your kids make for grandma’s on Mothers Day.  You will have to pour the boiling mix into the jars though.  They can help you measure out the water, salt, food coloring, and essential oils.  The kids could decorate the jars with stickers too.

I only had small 6 oz mason jars so the third jar was only filled half way up.

Homemade Air Fresheners

Very simple ingredients:

2 cups of COLD water

Food coloring

1 Tablespoon of salt

A box of Gelatin -will need all 4 packs  ( usually located near the pudding, jello, dream whip, and tapioca section)

Essential oils (I used orange)

HEATPROOF jars/glasses

 So easy to make:

Put just 2-3 drops of food coloring in each jar.

Add 30 drops of essential oils into food coloring (the more drops the stronger).

Bring 1 cup of the water to a boil.  When boiling, whisk in the gelatin packets until dissolved.

Then add other cup of cold water and the 1 T of  salt.

Mix together.

Quickly pour into jars.

Take a stick or plastic spoon and stir mixture.

Set out overnight to gel up.

Enjoy wonderful fragrance for up to a month.


Her blog has very detailed pictures so check her out!  Thanks to her for her tip!   http://www.delightfulcountrycookin.com/2010/08/homemade-air-freshener.html


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