Happy Birthday to ME & my Papaw :)

Happy Birthday to ME & my Papaw :)

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I was the luckiest grandchild in my Smith family … I got to be born on our papaw Curtis Smith’s birthday!  He’s been gone to Heaven since 1989 but still miss him every day!  Growing up we always shared a birthday cake so to this day I have cake for him too.   My grandparent’s didn’t have much money but they truly showed us more love and attention than we could have hoped for in life.  I was truly blessed with loving grandparents on both sides!

The reason there hasn’t been any posts in a few days is because we had another death in our family.  While home in KY, my uncle Dwain passed away.  That is two brothers my dad has lost in less than five months.   I know my grandma had a wonderful Mother’s Day with three of her boys now.    But please keep my dad & his siblings and my cousins in your thoughts as they grieve for their brother, dad, and papaw.

I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow.  Today I will be enjoying my special day and thinking of my papaw! 🙂

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