Best pimple clear up product ever!

Best pimple clear up product ever!

clean and clear


I normally don’t have problem with acne or pimples.  However last July I got one on my nose that would not go away.  We were in Boston and went to the Lush store and that is when my love for their products began.  I did a mask, a toner tab, and used tea tree spray and it was gone the next day.  I was amazed!

However I had the same spot come back up again recently.  I didn’t have toner tablets or a mask to do from Lush.  I used everything else under the sun trying to get this pimple to go away.  It was like a cyst on my nose.  While in KY my parents were even worried it was so bad and could be skin cancer.  I had promised them if it wasn’t gone in a week I’d call the doctor.

My mom had some of this Clean and Clear product to bring home with me.  I had read that you can actually overdry a pimple and it make it worse.  I believe I was using too many products trying to get it to clear up.  I didn’t use anything except for face wash and moisturizer for two days.  I then put this on that second night.  The next day it was gone!!!  The entire cystic pimple was finally healing!

I will always keep a tube of this for any future outbreaks!!


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