Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Tips



I am having my first yard sale this weekend,   It is a lot of work to prepare for one!  Normally I just give our stuff to my mom for her YS.  However we have some big ticket items I want to sell.  I came across some great pins with tips.  These are the tips I am using or will use at sale.

Give yourself plenty of time to gather items for yard sale.

One of my fav, that I had never thought about, playing music in background.  (Just like they do in grocery stores.). This reduces the weirdness of strangers looking at your items.  Will def be playing some low key music!

Made a sign that says ‘Please make me offers’.  (I don’t do free hand very well so overlook handwriting.).

I have been pricing all my items days before sale so not stressing the night before.  Will have on tables the night before so not much work next morning too.

Have tons of bags, small boxes for breakable items, tissue and newspaper to wrap breakables.

I have $70 in change.  $25 in 1’s, $25 in 5’s, and $20 in 10’s, and $5 in quarters.

Organizing everything by categories on tables.

Putting up 3 signs from roadway leading to my street so customers can find me.   Adding balloons to sign next to main road to make more visible.

Thanks to these pins for the great tips.  Be sure to check them out for even more great ideas on having a yard sale.



This pin has some great printables for yard sale …. http://bellyfeathersparty.blogspot.com/2011/08/yard-sale-how-to.html


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