Did my first 5K … The Color Run in Chicago

Did my first 5K … The Color Run in Chicago

I am so proud to say I accomplished another item off my bucket list.  This one I worked my butt off to mark off.  I completed my first 5K! We did the Color Run yesterday with 15,000 people in Chicago at Grant Park.  It was beyond my expectations and so glad we did it!

Of course the night before I couldn’t sleep due to my excitement.  I just kept thinking of the Seinfield episode where Kramer doesn’t sleep before the walk.  Don’t you hate that when you know you have to get up early and you can’t fall asleep?  I think I may have gotten four hours of sleep.

I am not a morning person at all so it was a feat that I got up at 5 am even if I did have sleep!  My daddy even teased that he would pray I wouldn’t be mean to anyone due to my early morning.  After some caffeine, okay after a lot of caffeine I was ready to conquer the Color Run!  (I was not hateful at all either so daddy’s prayers were answered, lol)

We took the South Shore train to Chicago.  This eliminated hassle of parking and traffic.  It was so neat seeing all the other runners at the station with us and already on the train.  It made you feel even more connected to the experience with so many people doing it too.


us 3

It wasn’t timed but by our timing we came under 40 minutes.  We did stop to a walk at the color stations and corners mostly due to congestion.  Hubby and I were just fine with that time considering his back surgery and my medical procedure that had wrecked havoc on my training.  Plus not counting the fact we were also running it with thousands. It was so cool running through the streets of Chicago. 

My favorite part of the run was running by Buckingham Fountain with Lake Michigan in background.  It was a breathtaking moment seeing it while running with my husband and knowing soon I had accomplished my goal of a 5K. (Camera was in bag)


My favorite part of the day was seeing our daughter so happy and colored up with her friends after the race.  We had gotten separated at start so the rest of our team was ahead of us in a group. (they let like 500-1000 people go at a time)  I can’t say enough of how proud of her I am on how far she has came in running and getting healthy.  You can tell her and her mom have really put in the time training because she has now completed four 5ks!  I truly see her doing a 10k by fall.  

I also can’t thank Liz enough for inspiring us to sign up for the Color Run.  Her dad has always been a runner.  I would have never done a 5k if it hadn’t been for her though.  So grateful for her motivation and being my cheerleader!  I reminded her on the train ride home that last year her dad would have never thought he’d see us girls running with him.  I know that this will be a Father’s Day memory that him and her will never forget.

Thank you so much Liz!!!!!


Loved the free stuff they were giving away!  We got really nice Victoria Secret water bottles that said Color Run.   There were booths giving out power bars, coconut waters, chain tea, iced coffee, and water.  I would say the amount paid for race was well worth price with all that we got in our packets and freebies.  Plus just for that experience in Chicago and incredible view made it even more so too.



As far as the color all over us …. It did take a little bit of scrubbing to get most off.  It will take another shower to get the last remaining bit off.   It was hilarious to see how much of your body was in color.  So worth it though and made the race so much more fun!

box of color

So just a wonderful morning accomplishing my goal!  I can’t wait to sign up for another 5K and shorten my time!  Honestly If I can do this … Anyone can do a 5k!  It starts with the first step …. try the app that I used to get you started.  Couch to 5K program




Looking forward to Color Run 2014 in Chicago!

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