Clearance Flowers

Clearance Flowers

I just assumed everyone knew to look for clearance flowers.  My neighbor was shocked when I told her that most of my flowers were bought on clearance.  So I thought I’d make sure everyone was aware the benefit of clearance flowers.

My mom taught me years ago to always go to the back in Lowes’s garden center.  Walmart and our nursery both always have great clearance racks too.  I have never had any problems with the flowers on clearance dying once home.
My wheelbarrow full of flowers were all bought on clearance a few weeks ago. (Except the 3 pink/white geranium plants which were $1.49 each on sale). I paid $15 total for all of them and look how beautiful they have grown …

clearance flowers

 This wheelbarrow was a gift from my dad who had our cousin Roger make it for me.  

One of my fav gifts ever! 

These are a few I picked up yesterday at Lowes for $7 which included a basket of flowers, a 6 pack of wave petunias, several inpatients, geraniums, and others.  They are now all potted and ready to grow more beautiful at a quarter of the price.

more flowers

I also love going to the nursery at end of season for perennial flowers for next summer.  That is a lot of my blooming fun the next spring to see them.  It saves so much money.

Just remember … the weekend isn’t far away!  🙂

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