Jaimie and Justin’s Wedding

Jaimie and Justin’s Wedding

Last weekend we traveled to Woodburn/Bowling Green, KY for my niece’s wedding.  We also went to Nashville for three days.  Then this past Saturday I had our DIL’s baby shower.  So it has been a crazy and exciting time. Lots to blog about this week!

I will start with Jaimie’s wedding.  Lil background info:  I am the oldest of two kids to my parents.  However when I was four my aunt Donna came to live with us.  She quickly became my sister and to this day love her as much as I do my brother.   Funny thing when I started school, they called my mom in for a meeting because I kept talking about a sister.  My school records reflected I was an only child at the time so there was concern for my mental well being. (too funny!!)   My mom had to explain the situation after having a good laugh.  So I have a brother and a sister ….


So back to Jaimie and Justin’s wedding.  As someone who blogs about Pinterest, I can’t tell you how proud I was to see all the Pinterest Items!  She nailed the small details!  It was such a beautiful ceremony!

1173774_10200250830583635_1490754739_n - Copy



Justin was blindfolded prior to the ceremony so they could pray together before they

were married.  How sweet is that!!

prayer - Copy

Jaimie’s friends held up this sign to Justin before she walked down the isle.  His face was too cute!


I believe the mixing of the sand to symbolize coming together as one while Brooklyn sang a beautiful wedding song was my fav part.

sand - Copy

The bride and groom were both gorgeous! 



So many cute details:

20130812_3 - Copy



20130812_13 - Copy

They had pix  hanging on the pews … loved this detail!!

20130812_10 - Copy

20130812_6 - Copy

20130812_9 - Copy

20130812_4 - Copy

The Bride and Groom dancing as Brooklyn Woods sings …

20130812_525 - Copy

jj cake

20130812_517 - Copy

You can tell Justin is from KY with his groom’s cake …

20130812_519 - Copy

20130812_18 - Copy

Picture taking ideas on the card for guests …..




Treat Bags:




I will be shot for putting this pix on here but couldn’t resist … my parents and aunt Karen

20130812_529 - Copy

It was such a beautiful ceremony and so thankful that Andrew and I got to be there for their big day! So proud of both of them as they just graduated college in May too.  They are both working on their master programs now.   CONGRATS JAIMIE AND JUSTIN!!!  WE LOVE YOU!


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