Becoming a Nana after having the best grandma

Becoming a Nana after having the best grandma

In just a few weeks or basically any day now we will be grandparents for the first time!  I can’t express the emotions I am feeling of happiness waiting to meet her.  I can’t wait to see our son holding her … I know there will be lots of happy tears that day!!! 
I am lucky as a woman who wasn’t able to have children that I have stepkids to make me a nana.  The journey of infertility was a difficult road.  It took years to make peace with the fact.  Now I am past that point of wanting a baby at my age, lol.   Instead its such an incredible feeling to know there will be a grandbaby soon that we get to spoil!  Best part we get to take her home after spoiling her rotten.  🙂

Until the day our son got married, I had no desire to be a grandparent.  By the reception, I told his mom that by next year we would be grandmas,  it was obvious the love Eric & Amanda had for each other. I knew it was just a matter of time there would be a baby to show from that love.  I was right, lol.  Did I mention I also guessed she was pregnant before we were told?? 

papaw mamaw young
I had a wonderful role model on how to be a grandma.  I grew up loved so much by my mamaw Frances.  My maternal grandma died when I was four.  My mamaw is who comforted me during my grandma Bertha’s funeral.  That bonded me to her forever that my earliest sad moment she was there for me.  She would always tell me she was giving me extra love for grandma too. 

I seen my paternal grandparents at least four to six times a week.  They just lived a few acres behind us.  I was always called lil’ Frances for being so much like her.  I was the middle grandchild per se … I had 14 older cousins and 14 younger cousins but she’d make me feel like I was the only one when spending time with her.  She had that way to make you feel so special!  She didn’t have money to buy you gifts but you knew you were loved by her attention and time spent with you.

My mamaw would let me cook chocolate pudding and make no bake cheesecakes for my papaw.  She taught me how to sew and make quilts. (Sad to say I don’t do those things now.) I hated though when she’d make me slop the pig.  She apparently realized my moaning was not worth it and found me another chore, lol.  I would help her pick strawberries ….she would never yell when I would eat most of them. 

I have to be honest that I did learn a few bad habits from her too.  But my mamaw did the best she knew to be a wonderful grandmother to us.  She loved her family so much!  I also remember her giving me THE TALK as a teenager, too funny to hear my lil 4’11 grandma discuss such private matters.  Every Friday night I was at her house to watch Dallas.  I truly loved spending time at my grandparent’s home!

She fed us amazing meals.  My mamaw’s breakfasts rocked … Biscuits & gravy, fried apples, sausage patties, over medium eggs, and also had pork chops or bacon.  I don’t consider it a true breakfast unless you have all of these items, lol.  She made the most delicious fried apples pies and would sneak me an extra to take home.  (I was a picky eater and she knew this was my fav dish of hers.)  You never left her house hungry!

grandma and grandpa
I got my love of genealogy from her.  I promised her I would write a book about our family someday.  (I need to get on that project!)  I have inherited her love of flowers too.  My biggest regret is I didn’t have her teach me about flowers.  I was too busy growing up.
When I moved away, we’d talk for hours on the phone.  She loved my husband and kids and was so excited when we came to KY to visit.  She died when I was twenty-six and I still miss her tremendously.  She was a huge part of my childhood.  I wouldn’t trade those memories for gold!  I was truly blessed to grow up with a close relationship with my mamaw.

When Jessica Andrews released this song it reminded me of my life.  I grew up knowing I was a very loved child in a large part because I am ‘Frances’s granddaughter, spitting image of my father, and my momma is still my biggest fan.’
I pray I can show my grand daughter that same love ….

Jessica Andrews … Who I am Video (Rosemary’s Granddaughter)


So when Ellie makes her arrival this Nana is prepared to love her to pieces!  I look forward to our days together.  I know that she and I are going to have so much fun as she experiences life.  I know that both of my grandmas will be watching us.  I  hope I can make them proud on being an awesome nana!


To Ellie … Nana can’t wait to meet you 🙂

I’ve traveled paths you’ve yet to walk
Learned lessons old and new 
And now this wisdom of my life 
I’m blessed to share with you 
Let kindness spread like sunshine 
Embrace those who are sad 
Respect their dignity, give them joy 
And leave them feeling glad 
Forgive those who might hurt you 
And though you have your pride 
Listen closely to their viewpoint 
Try to see the other side 
Walk softly when you’re angry 
Try not to take offense 
Invoke your sense of humor 
Laughter’s power is immense! 
Express what you are feeling 
Your beliefs you should uphold 
Don’t shy away from what is right 
Be courageous and be bold 
Keep hope right in your pocket 
It will guide you day by day 
Take it out when it is needed 
When it’s near, you’ll find a way 
Remember friends and family 
Of which you are a precious part 
Love deeply and love truly 
Give freely from your heart 
The world is far from perfect 
There’s conflict and there’s strife 
But you still can make a difference 
By how you live your life 
And so I’m very blessed to know 
The wonders you will do 
Because you are my granddaughter 
And I believe in you.

~ Becky Netherland for The Bradford Group, 2008


grandma as a kidMy grandma with her dad …


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