Marinated veggies

Marinated veggies

more marinatedEating up all the fresh garden vegetables I can before summer leaves us.  I love cucumbers … love the smell and taste as it just screams summer to me.   I found another marinated veggie recipe to try on Pinterest.  This one is just as good as the other one … Tomato & Cucumber salad    (I do have more cucumber than anything in mine)


Marinated Veggies

Will need a large mason jar


Ripe tomato



1 Tbsp fresh dill or 1 tsp of dried dill

1/2 cup vinegar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp honey

2 Tbsp olive oil


Simple steps:

Dice up vegetables.

Layer 1/2 of each in jar.

Repeat layers.

Make marinade by shaking up or whisking remaining ingredients in small mason jar or bowl.

Pour over vegetables.  Shake up jar to get marinade all over the veggies.

Sit in fridge for 2 hours or more.  The longer it sits the better!!


Thanks to the blogger for her recipe:


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