Mississippi Roast so good!

Mississippi Roast so good!

I have found the best roast recipe!  Now I love my Italian Beef sandwiches but this roast is so good with mashed potatoes!  The gravy it makes is just so delicious!


So simple too!!!!


Chuck roast (I used an eye of the round roast for less fat)

Stick of butter


Pack of Ranch mix

Pack of Au Jus Gravy mix



Take roast in a put in crock pot.  

Sprinkle the Ranch pack over the roast.

Sprinkle the Au Jus Gravy pack over the roast.

Put a stick of butter on top of roast.

Put 5 Pepperconis on top of roast.  (I used some sliced ones too since my roast was smaller)

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Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

Shred and enjoy!


We ate on it for 3 days.  Second day we had sandwiches with melted cheese on top and the next with some BBQ sauce.  Such a tasty roast!  Will make again!! (SOON!)

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Thanks to the blogger for her tasty recipe!! http://bergecentral.blogspot.com/2011/01/mississippi-roast.html

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