Get rid of any green hair from swimming!

Get rid of any green hair from swimming!


We had a few days of 90 degree weather and I loved it!  I was sucking every minute of that heat up knowing I wouldn’t see it again until next summer.  I love summer and hate to see it leave!!  It went from 95 to 68 in two days … crazy!!!

I didn’t get green hair this year, yeh!!! HUGE DEAL for me.  For a couple of years until  I found the right brand of chemicals I would have that DARK HORRIBLY GONE WRONG GREEN on my ends.

I couldn’t find a commercial product to do the trick.  I had found this recipe years ago.  I wished I could tell you the site that I got the recipe from to give credit but I couldn’t find it again.

One thing …. everything I read said that fresh lemons worked much better than the concentrated. (Which may explain why the lemon juice concentrate hadn’t worked before for me.)

There has never been green left when doing this concoction!    So just wanted to share if any reader ever had this problem …. I keep this recipe written down in my address book so I never lose it.   It took forever to find something that works! 

Remove green from hair due to swimming

1/4 cup of FRESH lemon juice (one big lemon)

2 Tablespoons of Baking soda

1 teaspoon mild shampoo

Mix together in a small bowl. The mixture will get fizzy from the combo of BS and lemon juice.

Wet hair.

Mine was really concentrated on ends when green so I just kept adding more to them and then all over. Put on a shower cap for 20 minutes. Rinse it out then shampoo again. (I did a deep conditioning treatment afterwards.)  All ugly green hair gone and ready for Fall!!

Best tip is ALWAYS wet your hair before swimming so it doesn’t absorb any chemicals to turn it green. 🙂

Still waiting on that precious grandbaby to arrive 🙂



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