Best shopping App for saving money! Quit missing out on deals!

Best shopping App for saving money!  Quit missing out on deals!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with my blog.  I first had issues with my desktop that has my photo software on it.  I wasn’t able to downsize my images for the blog.  Once that was fixed I took a few weeks to decide.  I found that I truly missed blogging and finding new things to try.  So I’m up to do another year of doing Pinterest items.  Thank you to all the readers for the messages that they had missed new blog posts.   I truly appreciate the support!


Have you heard of the phone app Shopular?  If not, go download it NOW!  It will be the most money saving app you have for shopping at stores!  Saturday while in line  at JCPenny I passed on this money saving app to three customers.  Proud to say the daughter had already put it on her phone as I had suggested. 🙂  It saved me $10 and her $15  for just showing our phone to the cashier with the coupon code.

I had to get in a pix of the lil love bug as my background on my phone showing the app … 🙂




So simple to use …

You can pick favorite stores and weekend highlights of all deals in your area.

Once out shopping, open up app

See current offers




Pick store, click on it



store page



Get coupon and will show this page to the cashier




That simple!!! 🙂  Let me know if you try it, I know you’ll save money.

Have a great day!!


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