About Me

Thank you for stopping by my page! I so appreciate your time! You have heard of the movie Julia/Julie where she makes Julia Child’s recipes.   I am doing something similar whereas I am doing a pin a day off Pinterest for a year.  This blog is about my adventure.

My name is Julie and I am a Kentuckiana chick. (grew up in KY and now reside in IN) Happily married now for seventeen years to an Indiana boy. The kids are living their adult lives so only have the spoiled cat, Abe Lincoln, at home. I love history, nature, and traveling. I am a chatterbox and love to pass on info.

I love to save money but haven’t been disciplined about it. I want to improve to have more extra money for travel. Its time to redo many of our rooms since we’ve lived here for a few years. I also want to shorten my footprint on this earth too on having less waste with packaging. Since becoming a Lushie I have became addicted to using more natural ingredients. I am also truly addicted to Pinterest!

I am getting a lot of insight from Pinterest and want to pass that on. I hope that you gain at least one tip from my site. I am making a year long commitment to do something new off Pinterest each day. It will be interesting to see how many things my family and I will learn from this adventure. There are so many categories on Pinterest to learn something new.

I have spent hours already making a list of pins to do and the store list of items needed. I also have several crafts/items that I was inspired by Pinterest and came up with my own creation before my year challenge. I have an ornament that inspired me to be creative that I am doing for the wedding party. It is actually what started me on my Pinterest quest. I will share that after the wedding. The others I will save for days I’m out of town or need a quick blog. My entire purpose is to share the info I find on Pinterest on what works and what doesn’t. I truly hope you enjoy the blog! Please share a comment! Please share my page with a friend!!!!

You can find me on facebook at JulieSaidWhat and follow me on Pinterest under Julie Curosh.  (I take great pride in my boards.)

THANK YOU for your time!

Have a great day!!!!

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