super silky legs


This pin is amazing!!!  Ladies take note this will change your life at such a cheap cost too!    You will have the softest legs you’ve ever had with this recipe!

Did you know that you should exfoliate before you shave?  I didn’t until recently and it does make a difference.  I love using Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower gel before I shave my legs.  It’s a sea salt scrub to exfoliate your body but is rinsed off before shaving.  So when I saw this pin for super silky legs using a scrub I was excited.  This uses sugar so unlike salt scrubs you can use this while shaving.   It is also MUCH cheaper!

To see if it made a difference I did one leg with my normal Venus razor (with shaving cream on razor) and a regular Venus razor with the scrub on the other.  I then asked my husband which leg felt softer.  He said both felt smooth but that the one with the scrub seemed more smoother and softer.  I so agreed!   Successful pin!

It’s such a simple recipe.  I saved an empty plastic grape jelly jar just for this pin.  It can be left in the shower with no worries of it being broken.  I also used a spoon to get out the scrub and not my wet hands.   This makes quite a bit so I see it lasting a couple of months.  My next time I will try with baby oil just because I have a huge bottle I need to use up.  I think the olive oil is  perfect in this recipe!



1 1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of oil (used olive oil but can use any oil such as coconut oil, baby oil, canola, etc.)

3 Tablespoons of citrus juice (lemon or lime) I used lemon from the plastic lemon

Razor (used a Venus razor)

Mix everything together in jar.  

I took a shower and washed my hair before doing the scrub.  This gave time for my leg hair to soften up.  Shake jar again if sitting for awhile.  

I did one leg at a time.  Using a spoonful I rubbed it all over my leg for a few minutes.  (As you rub it in you will notice the sugar melting away.) 

Shave and then rinse legs.

Apply scrub all over leg and repeat process and SHAVE again!   (This was new to me that you shave twice but what a difference it really made!)

Repeat on other leg. 

Enjoy the softest legs you’ve ever had!!  

I will do this at least a few times a month.   My leg feels like butter!  The sugar scrubbed away all the dead skin.  The lemon juice apparently was like a mild skin peel.  Then the oil really gives it that moisturizing it needs after shaving.

 Let me note that I have very sensitive legs … I can’t use cheap razors and even only certain shaving creams will work for me.  I had no nicks or skin irritations at all with this scrub.  That was a huge plus for me.  I also didn’t need lotion afterwards and even several hours later they are still so silky.

Thanks so much to that Jilliee for always having such great blog posts!!  I am telling you she is a blogger worth reading!


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Makeup tips and beauty video blogger

Makeup tips and beauty video blogger



 #171 Makeup Up Tips

I have a wonderful video beauty blogger my readers need to check out.   She is amazing on how she tests products before she makes purchases.  The Nars eyeliner was one recommendation that truly stays on.  The Urban Decay makeup spray really helps on long days for my makeup to last.  She lead me to Lush and Julep products that I love too.   Makeup is expensive so its really nice to have someone to help with getting the best makeup.  She has some great exercise/getting healthier videos too. She is funny and very informative. She does some great giveaways so be sure to subscribe!

This is one of her videos:

Be sure to go to her page and subscribe to her videos!


HB collage

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful ♥daughter♥ a step-mom and dad could have in life!  I still remember 21 years ago meeting her for the first time.  She was shy for about five minutes and then it was over after that for us ever being quite together again, lol.  I am so in awe in all that she has accomplished in life!  I know she will do so much to help people with the love of  her field too! 25 years old … her life is just beginning and I know she will  continue to do amazing things!

Happy Birthday!  Your dad and I ♥love♥ you very much!  


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5K Runner app & $1 workout jar

5K Runner app & $1 workout jar

#168 5K Runner App for Iphone


I am using the 5K Runner app to prepare for the Color Run.  I have now completed my second week of the eight week program. (YEH ME!)  I started the first week with the free version but updated to the $2.99 version at the start of the second.  I can listen to the app with any of my music programs while using the premium version. (love my Pandora!)  I love that feature!

I also like being able to put it on Facebook too.  I chuckled the other day seeing an E card that said people can go to the gym without telling Facebook.  The biggest reason I am posting it is to show people if I can go from ZERO exercise to running a 5K so can they!  I also love hearing from other runners when they see my posts.  I will also admit when I’d see our daughter post her runs, I was very envious.  It was a huge motivator for me seeing that she was doing it.  So for those of  you that it drives nuts that I post my workouts just hide me from your newsfeed, lol.

Remember it just takes that first step and it will get easier.  In two weeks I have went from my first day of .87 of a mile in 25 min at the easiest pace (including warm up and cool down) to 1.48 miles at a walking pace of 2.7 speed and running at a 4 speed on the treadmill. (Next week I will do an incline of 1 to be more like outdoors after reading a tip.)

The program is an 8 Week running program, from Zero to 5K workout

8 Weeks – 3 Times a Week –
35 Min a day – and you’ll do a 5K!

  • Alternating walks and runs, increasing in difficulty ( For example:  you will run 1 min and then walk 1.5 minutes and keep repeating for allotted time.  So out of the actual workout time its only 6-9 minutes of running the first two weeks.  The time of running will increase each week.  In 8 weeks you will be able to run 3.1 miles for a 5K!)
  • Audio coach telling you when to walk, run, warmup, and cooldown (this really helps me!)
  • Color coded workout tables that layout the workout plan
  • Works with the iPhone/iPod screen locked (dark)
  • Works with your iPhone/iPod music player
  • Works with any running GPS app (like Nike+ GPS)
  • Color coded screens (green = running, yellow = walking, etc)
  • Audio Coach can be voice, beeps, or both
  • You can start the program from the beginning, in the middle, or repeat workouts

Win / Achievement tracking (I love this part!!!)

  • tracks each workout and shows a history of your progress
  • lets you share your wins/achievements with your friends
  • shows the badges you have earned as you reached key milestones

It’s not intimidating at all using this program!!  In 6 more weeks I will  be able to run 3.1 miles!!  I will stay the course to get there!

This is the app I am using … 5K-runner

dollar jar

#169 $1 in a jar for each workout

I am also motivated by greed when I do things. I had seen the pin of adding a $1 to a jar each workout.  So I am doing that too.  That includes my 5K running days and the other days I just walk, garden, or do some other cross training activity.  When I reach $50 I will buy myself some new clothes.

Thanks to the site  for that tip: $1 in a jar

So glad I took my first step on this journey … now to stay the course!  I just want to say thank you again to our ♥daughter♥ for being my ♥inspiration♥!  I can’t wait to run the Color Run with her!  Her dad and I are more proud of her than she’ll ever know in so many ways!   Us four parents were truly blessed with getting her as a ♥daughter♥!  

Enjoy the weekend!!



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Super Easy French Tips manicure

Super Easy French Tips manicure

french tips


I needed to recoat my nail tips or change polish when I remembered this pin.  I figured if it didn’t work then I was taking off my polish soon anyway.  The reinforcement stickers cost me a buck at the Dollar Tree.  I was surprised I didn’t own some but for a dollar it was worth trying the pin.  I have never tried any type of french nail tips at home.  So I really wasn’t sure if it’d work or not on having a clean line.

I should have done it under better lighting so I was a little sloppy.   However for my first time trying it and not being super careful I was impressed with the results.  The blogger has hers done with a neon tip color and a clear coat on the rest of the nail.  I like my blue and pink combo and will also def try different combos.  Successful pin!


Super Easy French Tips 

Apply a base coat and allow to dry.  (this is very important!)

Take reinforcement tabs and place on nail bed to make your lines.

Paint 2 thin coats of selected color on nail tips.  Just pay attention to the sides to keep it even.  I found painting side to side worked best for me.

After the color is dry then remove reinforcement tabs.

Apply a top or clear coat and  let dry.

I have on Julep Eva pink base with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon manicure color Calypso Blue on tips.  I then used Essie top coat.


Thanks to the blogger!


Also for those of you on the fence about the one pot spaghetti … I had to make it again today!  Yes, I did just make it five days ago but couldn’t help myself wanting more.  Prego has some amazing new sauce with Bacon and Provolone def worth checking out too!  Very flavorful in this recipe!  One Pot Spaghetti

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Stop coughing and get super soft feet!

Stop coughing and get super soft feet!

chest rub


I love doing a pin and find that it has an added bonus.  I am so glad I did it for the intended purpose but the added benefit is huge for me. It may be one of the best beauty tips I have found for myself.

I had been around my great neices and great nephew last week who had colds. A few days later I started coughing and feeling achy. I remembered that I had pinned a tip that may help. It is to rub vicks on the soles of your feet before bed to stop the cough. Yes, you read that right …. rub it on your feet. I swear it worked! I quit coughing and woke up feeling much better.
That in itself made the pin a success but there was more. After showering I realize my normally disgusting dry feet are so soft on the bottom. I have used some very expensive feet products that never compared to this softness. I had even tried Dr. Oz’s recipe for dry feet to no avail. So last night I rubbed it all over my feet and dry ankles. This morning I woke up to super soft feet! I am just amazed how a jar of  Dollar Tree chest rub softened them up compared to expensive foot products. Awesome pin!  Any time my feet are dry there will be vicks rubbed on them!

How to get rid of a cough or soften your feet ….

Before bed …Rub vicks/chest rub on your feet.  Put socks on.

Coughing will stop soon after! (works 100 % time on coughs!)

Wake up feeling better and with soft feet!

Thanks to the blog for tip on cough:


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Tea Tree Oil and cleaning my hairbrushes

Tea Tree Oil and cleaning my hairbrushes

Tea Tree

Have you ever heard of Tea Tree essential oil?  I learned some about the benefits of tea tree from my Lush toner. (One of my I couldn’t live without products!  You often see it pinned too that others feel the same.)  I swear that the toner with a main ingredient of tea tree oil keeps my face clear and oil free.  It also helps my face absorb moisturizer better so I use less product. (Bought the bottle in July and use every day and it’s still half full!)  So recently while in the health store I picked up a bottle of tea tree essential oil. (cost me $5.25).  I hadn’t found a use yet until I seen this pin. I will always keep a bottle now just for this use. Great pin!


Cleaning your brushes, picks, and combs

Get a large bowl and fill with hot water.

Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to water.

Put in your brushes, combs, and picks.

Let sit for 20-30 minutes.

Rinse and dry on a hand towel.

I swear it melted the hair spray residue and hair right off!  They smell so clean too!  Its suppose to also help with hair electricity.  I will do this every few months now.

Thanks to the blog for the tip.  She has some great info on the page too for scrubs.  I will have to try one of those soon.


Tea tree has a lot of uses.  From  Tea Tree oil is a very powerful immune stimulant, helping to fight infections and promote clear skin. Its scent is described as fresh, warm, spicy, medicinal and pungent. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, bactericide, fungicide and anti-viral with anesthetic qualities. Unlike most other antiseptic preparations, Tea Tree Oil can be used daily without causing an imbalance in the natural bacterial flora on the skin. It has been used by the Australian Aborigines since the beginning of time for acne, oily skin, rashes, various infections, fungal diseases, dandruff, and itchy scalp. In World War II Tea Tree oil was issued to each soldier and sailor as part of their field kit to treat tropical infections and infected wounds. A must have for your first aid kit!

FYI for pet owners!!   Tea tree oil is often found in varying concentrations and should never be used on pets. As little as 7 drops of 100% oil has resulted in severe poisoning, and applications of 10-20 mls of 100% oil have resulted in poisoning and death in both dogs and cats. Clinical signs include a low body temperature, weakness, walking drunk, inability to walk, tremors, coma, increased liver enzymes, and even death.  Thanks for the info:


The Lush toner is mentioned in an article for cruelty free made toners:

If you want to read more about essential oils this blog has a great chart.   I learned a lot from it.



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