Cure All Cleaner … Money saving, cleans, and disinfects so well!

Cure All Cleaner … Money saving, cleans, and disinfects so well!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

I have been using this cleaner for several months but never shared.  This has saved me so much money!!  It gets used every day in the kitchen.

cure all

The Cure-All

For a 24 oz bottle:
5 oz. of Rubbing Alcohol
3 oz. of White Vinegar
1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent
1 tsp. of White Ammonia 
2 drops of Essential Oil
Fill the remaining space with Water


You can get the labels and other homemade cleaners at this blog:

Thanks again to the blogger because I use my Blessings in a Bottle all the time too!

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Best shopping App for saving money! Quit missing out on deals!

Best shopping App for saving money!  Quit missing out on deals!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with my blog.  I first had issues with my desktop that has my photo software on it.  I wasn’t able to downsize my images for the blog.  Once that was fixed I took a few weeks to decide.  I found that I truly missed blogging and finding new things to try.  So I’m up to do another year of doing Pinterest items.  Thank you to all the readers for the messages that they had missed new blog posts.   I truly appreciate the support!


Have you heard of the phone app Shopular?  If not, go download it NOW!  It will be the most money saving app you have for shopping at stores!  Saturday while in line  at JCPenny I passed on this money saving app to three customers.  Proud to say the daughter had already put it on her phone as I had suggested. 🙂  It saved me $10 and her $15  for just showing our phone to the cashier with the coupon code.

I had to get in a pix of the lil love bug as my background on my phone showing the app … 🙂




So simple to use …

You can pick favorite stores and weekend highlights of all deals in your area.

Once out shopping, open up app

See current offers




Pick store, click on it



store page



Get coupon and will show this page to the cashier




That simple!!! 🙂  Let me know if you try it, I know you’ll save money.

Have a great day!!


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Keep Apples or Pears from browning …. will never buy prepackaged slices again!

Keep Apples or Pears from browning …. will never buy prepackaged slices again!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor day weekend!!  I have some great posts to share this week.   I couldn’t decide which one to share first but decided to go with this money saving tip.   Tomorrow I have a wonderful roast recipe to share so be on the lookout! 

I am one of those that if fruit and vegetables are already cut up, I am more likely to eat them.  So I just love that this pin worked and now can make my own snack bags!   So quick to do too!!!  


Keep Apples or Pears from browning:


All you need are apples of your choice and a bottle of 7 up or Sprite.  

We have loved our Pampered Chef Apple Corer for years and is so perfect for this …

cored apple


I then slice the pieces one more time …

sliced again


Soak in a bowl filled with Sprite or 7 up for 3-5 minutes.  (I did 5 min.)



Pour out soda and lay out on a paper towel to dry.  I turned mine over after a minute or two to dry both sides really well.  

dry apples


Put in baggies and get out as much air as possible … I used the Ziplock snack size baggies and made three bags out of two apples.



This blogger has 4 ways to keep apples and pears from browning.  Two of my sister in laws told me that lemon water works too so will try next.  Thanks to the blogger for her tip!!

4 days

4 days and still not a hint of brown on them!!


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Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Tips



I am having my first yard sale this weekend,   It is a lot of work to prepare for one!  Normally I just give our stuff to my mom for her YS.  However we have some big ticket items I want to sell.  I came across some great pins with tips.  These are the tips I am using or will use at sale.

Give yourself plenty of time to gather items for yard sale.

One of my fav, that I had never thought about, playing music in background.  (Just like they do in grocery stores.). This reduces the weirdness of strangers looking at your items.  Will def be playing some low key music!

Made a sign that says ‘Please make me offers’.  (I don’t do free hand very well so overlook handwriting.).

I have been pricing all my items days before sale so not stressing the night before.  Will have on tables the night before so not much work next morning too.

Have tons of bags, small boxes for breakable items, tissue and newspaper to wrap breakables.

I have $70 in change.  $25 in 1’s, $25 in 5’s, and $20 in 10’s, and $5 in quarters.

Organizing everything by categories on tables.

Putting up 3 signs from roadway leading to my street so customers can find me.   Adding balloons to sign next to main road to make more visible.

Thanks to these pins for the great tips.  Be sure to check them out for even more great ideas on having a yard sale.

This pin has some great printables for yard sale ….


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Saving more money using a Price Book

Saving more money using a Price Book


This pin is a ongoing work in process …. A price book. I do try to coupon but there are a lot of things we use that can’t be purchased with them. Even if I do have a coupon I want to know what is my best deal. So I have started a price book so I can see where items are the cheapest. We have Super Walmart, a local grocery, and soon will have Meijers for me to grocery shop.  I also shop Sam’s Club (abt every other month), Walgreens, CVS, and the Dollar Tree for items too.


my price bookI used a index card file binder that I have had in my filing cabinet for years. I just had to make mine cute with a UK fabric covering. It has an alphabetical file system.  I had some index cards with holes and the others I just punched the holes.    

So the goal is to add all the items I buy on a regular basis and their prices (regular and sale) at the different stores.  They are listed by item such as spaghetti sauce, soup, toilet paper, and etc. on top of card.  I will then list brand under item on card along with the store name and prices.  By the blog’s advice I am only trying to add so many products a week.  I will look up 3 items while at store. When I get home I add the items from my receipt too.  I will also add some while reviewing the sales papers.

It came in handy this week with vinegar. At Town & Country it is regular $1.99 for 128 oz. then when it goes on sale it is usually $1.69. This week they had a special for 99 cents. So I knew that was a great deal and to purchase one. That is an extra sixty nine cents savings.

Spaghetti sauce is another item. We love Prego spaghetti sauce. (The new Bacon Provolone is awesome!)  I have tried to save money by buying other sauces when on sale and when I have coupons. We notice the difference so that is one product we are brand snobs. T&C has it regular price of $2.19 and $1.89 on sale. Walmart’s everyday price is $1.89. So thats a thirty cent savings if not on sale.

Epsom salt … at Sam’s Club I get 10 POUNDS for $6.38 and a pound or two will cost you $3.  That is a huge savings since I go through at least 2-3 of those containers a year.

Those small savings add up when you think about the hundreds of items you purchase a year.  So grateful to the pin for the great idea!  Be sure to check out her blog for some great money saving ideas!



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Keeping Cilantro fresh longer

Keeping Cilantro fresh longer



I love cilantro but it never seems to stay fresh long.  I came across this pin where the blogger did a test of three different ways to store it.  She found one way that seemed to preserve it the longest.   Put in a jar with water and then cover it with a baggie and place in the fridge.

I will update you on how long mine last.  She said 2-3 weeks.  So will let you know if it was a successful pin or not.

Weirdest thing … blog was there this morning but has been removed tonight.  She  had a really neat post about her experiment too.

Updated:  My cilantro lasted 4 weeks!!!!!!  Just be sure to check water each week.

This was the pin:

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