Luau themed party for girl’s weekend

Luau themed party for girl’s weekend

group shots


This weekend I traveled to Louisville, KY to see some of my longtime friends.  I have been blessed with several friendships that have lasted since we were teenagers. (Over 20+ years) Funny thing is three of us became friends and then found out we were cousins.  (My great grandmother and their grandpa were brother and sister.)   We’ve been friends so long we are all  family now.  

We try to do a few girl’s weekends each year.  That is truly why we have remained so close.  Even longtime friendships need to be nurtured to maintain that bond. Most of us live in different areas now than our hometown of Harlan.  (Its another 4 hour drive for me from Louisville.) So Louisville is perfect location for us to meet.  We each have a 3 to 4 1/2 hour drive there.   

A few weren’t able to make it and we missed them!  We also had our baby girl Allison.  We love having her with us!  She is our group picture taker too. 🙂 

 So we had a weekend of shopping, going out to eat, and catching up.  Then on Saturday night we had a party at home so we could talk and relax.  This was our 2nd annual themed party in June.  Last year we did an 80’s party.  This year it was Luau themed.  

Lynn is such a perfect party host who even sent out Luau party invites.  She really out does herself with decorating.  It was a small party but the deco really made it more fun. Loved the huge backdrop to do our pictures!  Most items she purchased at the Dollar Tree.  So always look there before going to party stores!


I will share this week how she made the candle wreaths and door hanger.  They were just too cute.  The paper lanterns lit up really nice.

Nona made a beautiful bouquet of daisies for the table.  We had matching plates, napkins, silverware, and cups.  She had matching tablecloths on the tables. The silverware was placed in a sand bucket.

more deco

We listened to island and summer music. (Of course a lot of Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet.) We played games for gifts.  I didn’t win any though. 🙁 We did a few games of beach bingo.  We all brought a gift and played a gift giving game.  (I got an adorable Vera Bradley keychain.)  I had also made up a trivia game about our hometown.

We each also got a bracelet at the start of our party.  You were not allowed to say the words NO or KNOW.  I lost mine five minutes into game, lol.   So all night you would take the bracelets when said.  At the end of the night who had the most bracelets won a gift.

We also did the hulla hoop and limbo.  This girl is not limber for either but at least tried, lol. We had a storm come in and had to go inside for awhile.  Didn’t stop our fun!

hulla hoop

We had some delicious food and drinks!  I made my sweet & spicy meatballs, a cotton candy salad, adult strawberries dipped in chocolate, and an adult dreamsicle drink.  I will share those this week and link back once done.  We also had turtle bars, cornflake candy, fruit tray with pineapples, watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries, frozen grapes, cucumber bread, chickfli nuggets, chips and dip, and strawberry daiquiris.  Allison put the chip dip in a large margarita glass and it was so cute.

We all wore leis and flip flops. We took pictures in a hulla girl cutout.  We also had several different glasses to pose in.  It was fun doing the cute shots.

fun shots

 So this week I will share some great recipes and crafts we did for the party.  It was a wonderful weekend!   Love my friends dearly and can’t wait for next year’s 70’s party!!  

So plan your next getaway with your girlfriends, life is too short to not be enjoying some girl time!  Plus it’s much cheaper than therapy. 🙂

luau party

From left to right forever friends and family …

Pam, Me, Lynn, Donna, and Nona

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Did my first 5K … The Color Run in Chicago

Did my first 5K … The Color Run in Chicago

I am so proud to say I accomplished another item off my bucket list.  This one I worked my butt off to mark off.  I completed my first 5K! We did the Color Run yesterday with 15,000 people in Chicago at Grant Park.  It was beyond my expectations and so glad we did it!

Of course the night before I couldn’t sleep due to my excitement.  I just kept thinking of the Seinfield episode where Kramer doesn’t sleep before the walk.  Don’t you hate that when you know you have to get up early and you can’t fall asleep?  I think I may have gotten four hours of sleep.

I am not a morning person at all so it was a feat that I got up at 5 am even if I did have sleep!  My daddy even teased that he would pray I wouldn’t be mean to anyone due to my early morning.  After some caffeine, okay after a lot of caffeine I was ready to conquer the Color Run!  (I was not hateful at all either so daddy’s prayers were answered, lol)

We took the South Shore train to Chicago.  This eliminated hassle of parking and traffic.  It was so neat seeing all the other runners at the station with us and already on the train.  It made you feel even more connected to the experience with so many people doing it too.


us 3

It wasn’t timed but by our timing we came under 40 minutes.  We did stop to a walk at the color stations and corners mostly due to congestion.  Hubby and I were just fine with that time considering his back surgery and my medical procedure that had wrecked havoc on my training.  Plus not counting the fact we were also running it with thousands. It was so cool running through the streets of Chicago. 

My favorite part of the run was running by Buckingham Fountain with Lake Michigan in background.  It was a breathtaking moment seeing it while running with my husband and knowing soon I had accomplished my goal of a 5K. (Camera was in bag)


My favorite part of the day was seeing our daughter so happy and colored up with her friends after the race.  We had gotten separated at start so the rest of our team was ahead of us in a group. (they let like 500-1000 people go at a time)  I can’t say enough of how proud of her I am on how far she has came in running and getting healthy.  You can tell her and her mom have really put in the time training because she has now completed four 5ks!  I truly see her doing a 10k by fall.  

I also can’t thank Liz enough for inspiring us to sign up for the Color Run.  Her dad has always been a runner.  I would have never done a 5k if it hadn’t been for her though.  So grateful for her motivation and being my cheerleader!  I reminded her on the train ride home that last year her dad would have never thought he’d see us girls running with him.  I know that this will be a Father’s Day memory that him and her will never forget.

Thank you so much Liz!!!!!


Loved the free stuff they were giving away!  We got really nice Victoria Secret water bottles that said Color Run.   There were booths giving out power bars, coconut waters, chain tea, iced coffee, and water.  I would say the amount paid for race was well worth price with all that we got in our packets and freebies.  Plus just for that experience in Chicago and incredible view made it even more so too.



As far as the color all over us …. It did take a little bit of scrubbing to get most off.  It will take another shower to get the last remaining bit off.   It was hilarious to see how much of your body was in color.  So worth it though and made the race so much more fun!

box of color

So just a wonderful morning accomplishing my goal!  I can’t wait to sign up for another 5K and shorten my time!  Honestly If I can do this … Anyone can do a 5k!  It starts with the first step …. try the app that I used to get you started.  Couch to 5K program




Looking forward to Color Run 2014 in Chicago!

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Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

my daddy


Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, grandpas, and moms that did both jobs!

I truly was blessed with an awesome father and two wonderful grandfathers.  I miss my papaws tremendously who are both in Heaven now.   I am just glad I had eighteen and twenty-six years with them.
I am so grateful God chose my daddy for me. I am from the south where even as adults you call your dad daddy.  I know that tickles my family up north, lol.  Even at forty-three my daddy still hangs the moon and stars!  Charlie S. is my hero!


My parents were very young when they were blessed with me. 🙂  My dad went to work in the coal mines to support us.  He worked his way up and gave us a wonderful life.  I am so proud to be a coal miner’s daughter!  At forty he was disabled from a mining accident and now also has black lung.   My daddy has never let that keep him down.  He never complains and says he’d give anything to be back in the mines.  


at lake
Daddy is a rare breed … Believe they broke the mold when they made him.  So proud to have a dad who is a man of God who prays for me every day!  He is a wonderful kind hearted KY man.  He would give a stranger the shoes off his feet. He has such a great personality.  He has never met a stranger and passed that trait on to his kids.  He can be so mischievous. (The ladies at church have to be on look out for his pranks.)


with bub

He loves his children more than anything and both consider him a best friend.  He is such a loving husband to mom. ( they remind me of teenagers even after forty-four years together.)  He is so proud of all his grandchildren.  He loves his huge family and prays for them all daily.  Just a fantastic guy that my brother and I get to call daddy!



c family

Happy Fathers Day to my husband, my wonderful father in law, and our son!  In less than three months Eric will be holding Ellie! (Tear up just imaging that moment of seeing him hold her!)


For those missing their dads in Heaven, I send you the very biggest hugs!  My heart also goes out to the dads missing a child in Heaven today too.  I hope that all of you feel peace today.♥

Today we are running the Color Run in Chicago. Be on the lookout for pix tomorrow.  So excited to do my first 5k esp since it’s with hubby and daughter.

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Happy Birthday to ME & my Papaw :)

Happy Birthday to ME & my Papaw :)

papaw an dme


I was the luckiest grandchild in my Smith family … I got to be born on our papaw Curtis Smith’s birthday!  He’s been gone to Heaven since 1989 but still miss him every day!  Growing up we always shared a birthday cake so to this day I have cake for him too.   My grandparent’s didn’t have much money but they truly showed us more love and attention than we could have hoped for in life.  I was truly blessed with loving grandparents on both sides!

The reason there hasn’t been any posts in a few days is because we had another death in our family.  While home in KY, my uncle Dwain passed away.  That is two brothers my dad has lost in less than five months.   I know my grandma had a wonderful Mother’s Day with three of her boys now.    But please keep my dad & his siblings and my cousins in your thoughts as they grieve for their brother, dad, and papaw.

I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow.  Today I will be enjoying my special day and thinking of my papaw! 🙂

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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

mom and me2

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day!!

I am so grateful for the mother God blessed me with in life!!  Our road was bumpy during my teenage & college years.  As I grew up, I learned to see life through my momma’s journey.  That made such a huge difference on our relationship.  I think that is one of the best gifts we can give our parents.  Seeing life through their eyes with its ups and downs, accepting that they did the best they could, and forgiving them for any mistakes they did make.  Then hoping our kids will give us the same courtesy when they get older.  I am truly proud to be known as my momma’s daughter … she is a true woman of God and such a blessing to me!!  I wouldn’t have my brother if it wasn’t for her too.  🙂

I also want to acknowledge I wouldn’t get to have the wonderful stepdaughter and stepson that I have if it wasn’t for their mom.  Thank you Nancy for two wonderful kids that you allow me to share with you!!  I am grateful everyday for them!  Next Mother’s Day we’ll be grandma’s … 🙂

I am so grateful to my husband’s mom too.  I wouldn’t have the love of my life if it wasn’t for her!!  She did a wonderful job with all eight of her kids.  She is such a wonderful grandma and mother in law too.  So blessed to call her mom too.

For those of you that your heart and arms ache for a child, my heart is with you.  I hope you feel comfort this weekend.

For those of you missing your mom or child in Heaven I send the very biggest hugs.


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Beggars Pizza

Beggars Pizza

beggars pizza

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.   I finally got caught up on my Pinterest boards.   I went through my boards and updated my to do pin list.  Then had to make a list of things needed to complete the pin.  It takes a couple of hours to do that each month to stay focused on what pins I am working on.  So worth the time though!

Today’s pin is a place to eat … Beggars Pizza.  I couldn’t believe how many times it is pinned!!  They have a few different locations.  We went to the one in Whiting.  We actually went there last month before I went to VA.  I didn’t have a pizza though until this weekend.  

I am just now beginning to really like pizza.  I know that sounds insane but its true.  I have found that I really like a pepperoni and extra cheese pizza.  This is one of the best pizzas I have eaten esp the cheese.  I must add that their mushrooms were awesome!  Loved the coating they had on them.   Successful pin!!

FYI … be sure to check their page for coupons too!



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