Best Ever Chicken Salad

Best Ever Chicken Salad

cs sand

It is tooooooo hot to cook today so decided to make chicken salad.  Normally I would look for a new recipe to try but I really love this recipe.  So will pass it on to you.

I’m lazy  I use a large already cooked rotisserie chicken from deli that I usually let sit in fridge overnight. (I let it sit an hour at least.)  I then proceed with step 2. The using of both mayo and miracle whip give it such a great flavor so be sure to follow on that step.  Hubby hates miracle whip however he just loves the flavor of the two combined.

This is great served on King Hawaiian sandwich rolls and served with regular chips. This is the best recipe I’ve tried so far and one of the best chicken salad’s I’ve ever tasted!


Best Ever Chicken Salad

(serves 8-10)



2 large chicken breasts (four pieces split)

4 chicken thighs

OR a rotisserie chicken cut up


1 teaspoon rosemary crushed

1/2 cup chopped celery

3/4 cups grapes, white seedless cut in half

Juice of one lemon ..about one tablespoon

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup may AND 1/2 cup miracle whip

1/2 teaspoon salt



1. Simmer chicken till done about 20 minutes, DO NOT BOIL, it will make the chicken touch. Allow the chicken to sit in hot water about 20 minutes. Test for doneness is to stick a fork in the chicken. If the liquid comes out clear, not bloody, the chicken is done. Cool completely. Chill in refrigerator for a few hours or overnight for easier cutting.

2. Dice cooled chicken into bite size pieces.

3. Add celery, grapes, honey, lemon juice, and rosemary

4. Toss with miracle whip/mayo combo till desired consistency. Add more mayo or miracle whip if too dry. (I don’t add all the mayo combo all at once …I add about 75% and then add more as needed so it doesn’t get too runny.)

c salad


I tried the sliced Hawaiian bread today … yummy!

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Bocconcini – Fresh Mozzerella

Bocconcini – Fresh Mozzerella

Until recently I have never been a big cheese fan … that is until I started trying different types and brands.  All cheeses are not created equal!  Since I had been doing grilled pizzas with fresh basil, I wanted to incorporate fresh mozzerella too.  All I can say is YUM!!   I am now hooked on Bocconcini mozzerella balls for several dishes!


You will find the Bocconcini in the refrigerated section of cheeses in your deli area.  

Mine was $3.38 for this container.   

on pizzaAdd to pizza


Another favorite ….


Then turn ordinary Tomato soup into extraordinary with fresh basil and pieces of cheese after cooking …  OMG!!!

My favorite snack now but yet to take a pix is fresh basil, pieces of the cheese, and cherry tomatoes or slice of a tomato … soooooo good!!!!

So if you really want to try some fresh and melt in your mouth cheese the Bocconcini balls are perfect!

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Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon


I just had to try this watermelon when I saw it … it’s YELLOW INSTEAD OF RED!  

Customers in line with me had to even comment how weird it was to see it yellow.

DELICIOUS just like a red watermelon!  

Great treat for your kids to see the taste is the same too.


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Corn on Cob boiled in butter

Corn on Cob boiled in butter

I apologize no posts for awhile. I still can’t bring myself to type about the happenings two weeks ago.  I will write about it this week along with the two vacations I have been on.

I had saw this corn recipe on a facebook post.  I normally make my corn in boiling water or grill it.  This technique had the butter in the boiling milk and water along with the butter.  It was tasty but I still did add a lil butter afterwards.

Corn on the Cob

Fill big pot with water then add a stick of salted butter and 1 cup of milk.  
Bring to a rapid boil and add corn.

Turn heat on low and simmer 5-8 minutes.
Enjoy tender and tasty buttered corn on the cob!

cobHave a great day!

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Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza


I decided to try making a grilled pizza.   It was soooooooooooooooooooo tasty especially with the fresh sweet basil!!  Will def make again!

I used this pizza crust that you will find in your bakery department.  I love their flat bread so figured couldn’t go wrong with this crust.  It also included the sauce too.  You can use any pizza dough though!



I made this a very simple pizza of only pepperoni, fresh sweet basil, and mozzerella cheese. The basil really gives it that pizza pizzazz! 

b pizza

I burnt mine just a tad so I suggest setting grill about 400 degrees.

I lightly brushed olive oil over both sides of dough like I do my flat bread.  I then grilled it for 2 min on each side before doing the toppings.  

You will only need to grill it a few minutes more after adding toppings.  Close the lid so the cheeses can melt.    

Let sit for 5 minutes before slicing.   Enjoy!


Hope all of you are staying cool in this heat wave!

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Sweet & Spicy Onion

Sweet & Spicy Onion



I love onions … I have classmates that tell me that is something they remember about me as a kid.  That I could eat raw onions … not sure what that says about me that onions is what they remember, lol. I’d always go out to my parent’s garden and eat all the green tops of the onions too.   Just love onions.

I have always made onions like this but used a worchester or soy sauce.  So when I saw this recipe used brown sugar and hot sauce, I just had to try it.  DELISH!!  Didn’t taste any hot sauce but the sauce it made was so good.   Onion was perfectly tender too!

So easy to do ….

Sweet & Spicy Onion

1 large vidalia onion

2-3 tsp of brown sugar (she used Splenda brown sugar!)

few drops of Tabasco ( I did about 8 drops)

Core and peel onion … I used a ice cream scoop to do mine.

scoop onion


 Fill the hole where you cored the onion with brown sugar and add some Tabasco on top of the sugar.

onion 4 grill


Wrap with foil and grill for 40 minutes. ENJOY!!!!

Thanks to the blogger for her great recipe!

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