Red Tamarillo from New Zealand

Red Tamarillo from New Zealand


I am so excited because our town had Meijers open up Thursday.  When I lived in South Bend it was where I did most of my grocery shopping.  So hubby and I had to go the first day.  My favorite things about Meijers has always been their meat, bakery and produce departments.  They always carry a bigger selection than most stores.  

I love how they do displays of the fruits and vegetables.  They give you enough info on the signs and actual displays to not be intimidated to try new items.  My interest was peaked when I saw these red Tamarillos from New Zealand.  It did not disappoint … very tasty!!!  Tasted similar to a kiwi/strawberry combo.  I will buy more esp after reading their high source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!  



Wash fruit.  Cut in half long ways.

Sliced T


Scoop out insides with spoon and eat.  So yummy!

t scoop


Apparently the skin is bitter so don’t eat it!

Devoured …

eaten t


Love they had the website for more info listed on sticker.  There is a lot of info on their site.

You want to look for a full color tamarillo (red or golden) on selecting one.

Tamarillos can be kept in fridge for two weeks or in fruit bowl for one.  They can also be frozen.

Give them a try … they were really tasty!  If you do eat them, please share on what dishes you use them in. 


Have a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!!


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Iphone Tips

Iphone Tips


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  Here is to a Monday full of sunshine and smiles. 🙂

I have had my Iphone for almost a year but still learning new stuff.  This pin has 40 Iphone secrets which is a great resource of info.   Even though I knew most, I even picked up a few new tips.   These were the new tips I learned  ….

#8 … Get Emoji. I had just told my hubby I needed to ask the kids or nieces on how to get the emoticons.  (my nieces had sent them to me in messages)
Go to Settings > General > Keyboard, then add the Emoji keyboard.

#17 … Private Browsing.  Make sure your info isn’t getting sent out when using Internet with Safari.   You would think that would automatically be set to private.  It’s not!
Settings > Safari and then click the tab for Private Browsing.

#19 … Tap to the Top.  Instead of scrolling back up to the top, simply tap the top of the screen by the clock.  This will bring you back to the address bar.

#34 … See Street Views in Maps (this is such an awesome feature!) do a search or just drop a pin in Maps.  The way they said didn’t work for me but did learn a trick to it.  Touch the pin and you will be able to see a 360′ view.

#35 … Take a screenshot.  Press the home button and the lock button at the same time and screen will flash white. (I always forget this one when I need it so was glad for the refresher on it.)

Be sure to check out this blog for all 40 great tips.  Its an awesome list regardless of how long you have had an Iphone.  Thanks to them for the tips!

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Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Tips



I am having my first yard sale this weekend,   It is a lot of work to prepare for one!  Normally I just give our stuff to my mom for her YS.  However we have some big ticket items I want to sell.  I came across some great pins with tips.  These are the tips I am using or will use at sale.

Give yourself plenty of time to gather items for yard sale.

One of my fav, that I had never thought about, playing music in background.  (Just like they do in grocery stores.). This reduces the weirdness of strangers looking at your items.  Will def be playing some low key music!

Made a sign that says ‘Please make me offers’.  (I don’t do free hand very well so overlook handwriting.).

I have been pricing all my items days before sale so not stressing the night before.  Will have on tables the night before so not much work next morning too.

Have tons of bags, small boxes for breakable items, tissue and newspaper to wrap breakables.

I have $70 in change.  $25 in 1’s, $25 in 5’s, and $20 in 10’s, and $5 in quarters.

Organizing everything by categories on tables.

Putting up 3 signs from roadway leading to my street so customers can find me.   Adding balloons to sign next to main road to make more visible.

Thanks to these pins for the great tips.  Be sure to check them out for even more great ideas on having a yard sale.

This pin has some great printables for yard sale ….


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Multitude of pins done today

Multitude of pins done today


Today I did a multitude of pins I had previously done before ….

Made Chili seasonings

Made Chili

Shaved legs with sugar mix

Cleaned stove grates

Used Magic erasers to clean 

New Julep nail color

Used Blessings in a Bottle and Bleach Cleaners

Used Laundry Soap

Got Chicken at store to make Chicken Drumsticks and beans to make soup beans


I love how much new stuff I have added to my life such as recipes, beauty, and crafts since starting this journey 🙂


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Magic Erasers … over 100 uses

Magic Erasers … over 100 uses


My heart and prayers are with those in OK affected by the tornados!

When I was two-three years old, one of my older cousins gave me her doll.  She wanted me to have it because it had blue eyes and blonde hair like me.  It soon became my favorite doll that I named Tinderella. (assuming I named her after my cousin Tina who is two years older who was and still is a beautiful blonde and Cinderella)  She had her own bed, highchair, food, and my aunt Jan made her beautiful dresses that she never had to share with the other dolls, lol.  Just have wonderful memories of playing with her!

I will not name younger cousin’s names on who got my doll dirty and for years had been unable to get it clean. (ha ha)  As I was reading the pin, I was so excited to see clean doll faces on the list.  Mom and I had tried every other cleaner to no avail.  IT WORKED!  I was so happy to see her face back to normal.  (Gotta love Magic erasers!!)

This doll is at least 46-48 years old.  I have had her for 40-41 of those years.  So my mom joked that she’s curious if I’ll let our grand-daughter due in Sept. play with my doll. (Daughter wasn’t into baby dolls so didn’t have to cross that bridge back then, lol.)  I really look forward to sharing Tinderella with Ellie at Nana’s house when she is old enough to appreciate her. 🙂

There are over 100 uses for Magic Erasers.  

Some of my personal favorites  ….

Cleaning doll face

Cleaning inside and out of your washer 

Cleaning cloudy collectible glassware and glasses!  AMAZING job!!

Cleaning planters

Cleaning the above ground  pool! 

Cleaning the pool ladder

Crayons on walls

Cleaning in and outside of fridge and freezer (great for handles and nooks and crannies around seals)

Cleaning microwave

Cleaning the sink

Cleaning stove, exhaust area, and oven door

Cleaning any spots on my walls (esp great for wall next to stove on removing grimy residue!)

Cleaning light switches

Cleaning any wax residue out of glass containers

Wiping down my keyboard, mouse, and cell phones

Bathroom it is great for counter tops, sinks, bathtub, and shower doors

Cleaning the white part on my sneakers esp removing grass stains

ANYTHING PLASTIC that needs cleaned or stains removed!

I use it to wipe stains off my expensive purses … does a great job with ink stains on the leather!


 Here are some great links to more uses: (Thanks so much for the tip!!!!!) (Thank you so much Proctor & Gamble for making this product!)



Isn’t that the truth?! 🙂

 Thanks to

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Birthday Freebies

Birthday Freebies


I apologize I haven’t posted but believe the deaths we’ve had in the last nine months finally caught up to me this week.  I just couldn’t bring myself to be  creative and do pins or write.   Just since July we lost Billy,  in December it was my beloved uncle Harry King, and this month my uncle Dwain, and a distant cousin, Duck, on Sat who was only 45  so that’s a lot for a heart to handle.  My family has lost a lot of our loved ones but it still is never easy.  Plus it makes you miss the ones already gone even more it seems.  However it does make me thankful I have another breath in me today and to love those with me even more!

Last week was my birthday and got several freebies.  I just wanted to make sure my readers were aware of how many birthday freebies are out there if you are signed up.  My very favorite is Sephora’s birthday gift each year!  This year it was Benefit’s #1 Mascara and a champagne sheer highlighter.   So make sure to sign up with Sephora!

I also got a free pastry from Panera, an appetizer from Texas Roadhouse, free cake at Buffalo Wild Wings which was so sinfully delicious, a free shake at Arbys,  and some other things.

This link is great on telling who has birthday rewards …

Have a great day!!

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