Fabric Softener Towel

Fabric Softener Towel

FS towel


I absolutely love this pin!  I have been using my homemade laundry detergent since October.  I love how clean it gets my clothes.  However even though there are two bottles of fabric softener crystals in it there isn’t enough scent for me. I miss my downy scents!  But I don’t want to go back to liquid since I cleaned my washer and saw the residue it left.  So this pin was a perfect solution! 
The pin didn’t say how much fabric softener to use. So I used a kitchen hand towel with one cup of fabric softener.   I have now used my towel ten times, scent is still strong! The pin said she gets 40 uses out of hers. I will update on how many uses I get before I need to rewet it in Downy.
My clothes smell soooooooooooooooooo good!  Much better than normal dryer sheets! Successful pin!


Soak a hand towel in fabric softener.  I used a cup of downy for mine.  Make sure your towel is all soaked in FS.   Squeeze any excess out.  (I just kept blotting at it and it soaked up all of mine.)

It will take forever to dry but you must make sure it is completely dry before using.  The original blogger did hers inside and it took 3 days.  I did one day outside and one day inside before it was completely dry.   It also made the house smell amazing while drying!  

Then use as you would a fabric softener sheet!  

Just an amazing tip!

Thanks to the blog for this wonderful tip:  http://www.matternfamily.com/2011/10/no-more-dryer-sheets-or-fabric-softener.html

Julie Tip:  Soaking a washcloth and hanging to dry out of  sight would be a great way to freshen up your air when having guests too.

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super silky legs


This pin is amazing!!!  Ladies take note this will change your life at such a cheap cost too!    You will have the softest legs you’ve ever had with this recipe!

Did you know that you should exfoliate before you shave?  I didn’t until recently and it does make a difference.  I love using Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower gel before I shave my legs.  It’s a sea salt scrub to exfoliate your body but is rinsed off before shaving.  So when I saw this pin for super silky legs using a scrub I was excited.  This uses sugar so unlike salt scrubs you can use this while shaving.   It is also MUCH cheaper!

To see if it made a difference I did one leg with my normal Venus razor (with shaving cream on razor) and a regular Venus razor with the scrub on the other.  I then asked my husband which leg felt softer.  He said both felt smooth but that the one with the scrub seemed more smoother and softer.  I so agreed!   Successful pin!

It’s such a simple recipe.  I saved an empty plastic grape jelly jar just for this pin.  It can be left in the shower with no worries of it being broken.  I also used a spoon to get out the scrub and not my wet hands.   This makes quite a bit so I see it lasting a couple of months.  My next time I will try with baby oil just because I have a huge bottle I need to use up.  I think the olive oil is  perfect in this recipe!



1 1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of oil (used olive oil but can use any oil such as coconut oil, baby oil, canola, etc.)

3 Tablespoons of citrus juice (lemon or lime) I used lemon from the plastic lemon

Razor (used a Venus razor)

Mix everything together in jar.  

I took a shower and washed my hair before doing the scrub.  This gave time for my leg hair to soften up.  Shake jar again if sitting for awhile.  

I did one leg at a time.  Using a spoonful I rubbed it all over my leg for a few minutes.  (As you rub it in you will notice the sugar melting away.) 

Shave and then rinse legs.

Apply scrub all over leg and repeat process and SHAVE again!   (This was new to me that you shave twice but what a difference it really made!)

Repeat on other leg. 

Enjoy the softest legs you’ve ever had!!  

I will do this at least a few times a month.   My leg feels like butter!  The sugar scrubbed away all the dead skin.  The lemon juice apparently was like a mild skin peel.  Then the oil really gives it that moisturizing it needs after shaving.

 Let me note that I have very sensitive legs … I can’t use cheap razors and even only certain shaving creams will work for me.  I had no nicks or skin irritations at all with this scrub.  That was a huge plus for me.  I also didn’t need lotion afterwards and even several hours later they are still so silky.

Thanks so much to that Jilliee for always having such great blog posts!!  I am telling you she is a blogger worth reading!   http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/07/diy-skin-smoother-for-silky-soft-legs.html


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Freshening up the bathroom air with essential oils

Freshening up the bathroom air with essential oils

add scent



Today’s pin is a simple one but effective. Each time you change your toilet paper roll add a few drops of essential oils to the cardboard roll. Each time you take paper it will release a subtle scent. I used orange but you can use any essential oil. I used 3 drops after reading comments. Seems to last a few days. Successful pin!

Thanks to the blog for her great tip!   Be sure to check out page for more great tips!  http://ekwetzel.com/2010/green-cleaning-10-simple-habits/

I am like a day behind on my pins.  Twice my intended pins didn’t pan out so trying to catch up.  In process of getting items ready for my first yard sale next week too.   That is a LOT OF WORK!! I did find my jewelry that I hid in JULY before vacation while cleaning!   Every piece of fine jewelry I owned besides what I had taken for the trip was in that bag.  So that was a great relief!!  Apparently I am so good at hiding things that I can’t even find them later, lol.  



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Easy way to clean microwave

Easy way to clean microwave

clean micro


Happy Wednesday to you all.  I know all of our hearts are still reeling over the events of Monday at the Boston Marathon.  We will continue to keep them in our prayers and thoughts♥.

Going to be honest … I was too embarrassed to take a before picture.  I had really let my microwave get dirty.  Now steaming is not new to me in this pin …  I have always used a cup of water for two-four minutes and steamed it.  I always had to scrub some gunk off though.  So this way was worth trying esp since it was so dirty.  Successful pin!


1 cup of water

1 cup of vinegar

Microwave for 10 minutes in a microwave safe container. 

Wipe clean!  I didn’t even have to scrub the glass dish like I normally would have too. 

TIP:  DO NOT MICROWAVE MORE THAN 10 MIN!  I had a few spots and decided to put my water back in and the water exploded at the 3 extra minutes.   I would use fresh water and vinegar if need to steam it more.

This did a great job on a really dirty microwave.  I will try it the next time without the vinegar and just do the water for ten minutes.  The vinegar may not even be needed but will update on that when done.  It’s a great way to clean the microwave without chemicals and even better no elbow grease. 🙂

Thanks to the pin for a great tip!  http://www.budgetsavvydiva.com/2012/10/diy-microwave-cleaner/

On a side note … I just have to say I really miss my hubby being back to work.  I am so glad he healed quickly but do miss his company!  Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts sent for his recovery.



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Bleach Cleaner

Bleach Cleaner

bleach cleanser


This is great for having around … saved an empty bottle and reusing it.   The blogger has PDF labels to make for your bottles so be sure to check her out.  She is where I discovered my Blessings in a Bottle.

Bleach Cleaner

This is for 24 oz.

2 oz. of bleach

1 teaspoon of laundry detergent

Fill rest with water.

Thanks again to the blogger for her great cleaners!  http://littlemsrobinson.blogspot.com/2012/03/homemade-cleaning.html

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Veggie spray

Veggie spray

veggie spray

 #165 Veggie spray

Made the veggie spray for small fruits and vegetables I may not have time to soak.   Did not taste the vinegar on any of my berries after using the spray and rinsing them.   I put a label on it saying veggie wash after I took my pix.  I picked up the spray bottle for a buck at Family Dollar.  Good pin!

Just take 3 parts water to one part distilled vinegar in a spray bottle.   Spray fruits and vegetables and rinse well.

Thanks to the pin:  http://www.suesnutritionbuzz.com/2011/10/14/fruit-veggie-sprays-clean-better-than-water-make-your-own-for-just-a-few-cents/

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