Privacy Policy

Please know I don’t sell or store emails. I don’t install cookies on your computer. However I do have a blog that does have Google Ad Sense on it. You are safe clicking on their links! But you must know the following:
Google advertising cookies

Google uses the DoubleClick cookie on publisher websites displaying AdSense for content ads. Subject to any applicable laws, rules and regulations, you will have the sole and exclusive right to use all data derived from your use of the DoubleClick cookie for any purpose related to your business, provided that Google may use and disclose this data subject to the terms of Google’s advertising privacy policies and any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Please read Google’s privacy page on their advertising on blogs and other sites if you have ANY concerns.

I would never put anything on my page that wasn’t safe. I assure you that you don’t have to worry about what they link too either such as anything racy or with bad language.

I am on a mission to do 326 pins to see what my family and I get out of it.   I am not trying to make money on anyone’s ideals.  I always link back to where I got the pins.  Sometimes there will be things that I have done already but a blogger will have a tip to make it better.  I always acknowledge that too.  There are a few pictures I got from a website that were free to use on blogs.  I have lost the link but will give credit when I find it.  Otherwise all pictures are my own.   You are free to use my posts but please link back to me.  If you feel that I have violated your copyrights on a blog post, please contact me.

Thank you for your time!

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